I am doing a project on my favourite singer, P!nk. I think that she the most amazing singer in the world! Who is your favourite singer? Please Comment who they are and why you like them. My favourite songs are Funhouse, Raise You Glass, Stupid Girls, Just Give Me A Reason and a a couple others.




Merry Christmas everyone!!! My Christmas was epic! How was yours? If you could comment your favourite present it would be epic! My favourite present was some speakers that light up and shoot water up like a light up fountain!!!!!!!!! My Christmas was epic and I hope yours was too!!!

Helping for Christmas

I play on this fun website called Freerice that donates 10 grains of rice per question you answer correctly to a child in need. I want everyone who is reading this to sign up for an account, it’s free. This Christmas you could change a child’s life! The link is on the side under “Fun Websites”. There you can find websites that I think you should look at or try!
Well Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Beats Challenge

I just made this epic track on a website called “Incredibox”. I have a challenge for all my followers, if that is what I’m supposed to call you people reading this. The challenge is to check out my track by clicking the link below and then making your own! If you record and share it please post the link in the comments, I would love to hear what you guys have created!

Hit this for the song (It will redirect you to the website)

Well bye for now, Ava